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Welcome to INCH.

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Premium Russian hair extensions Salon in Newtown and Randwick, Sydney

We offer complimentary consultations at Inch Hairdressing. Our hairdressers know that each head of hair is different. Considering your hair conditions and colour we will make a suggestion to suit your lifestyle and budget.

We choose to only use premium double drawn Russian Remy tape extensions.
One packet of tape extensions is equivalent to half a head. Therefore, if you would like a full head, then two packets is required.
One packet contains 10 sandwiches (20 individual pieces). This is equivalent to ~55g. We do not halve packets at Inch Hairdressing.
How many heads/packets of hair required is dependent on your current hair type and your goal for your hair.

We recommend booking in for one full head (2 packets). On the day of your booking, your stylist will work with you on assessing exactly how many packets will be required to achieve your goal hair transformation.

In your extension session at Inch Hairdressing we detox shampoo, blow-dry, installation, cut to blend your hair.

If you are purchasing new extensions, we will remove your existing tape extensions on a complimentary basis. For all other extension types, please see removal cost further down.

  • Half of head of 21.5”


    Full head of 21.5”


    1.5 Full head of 21.5 “


  • Half of Head of 25”


    Full Head of 25”


    1.5 Full Head of 25 “


  • Half of Head Retape


    Full Head Retape


    1.5 Head Retape


    2 Full Head Retape


    Retaping sessions include removal of existing tape extensions, residue removal, detox shampoo, blow-dry, re-application of extensions, cut to blend.
    We recommend a retaping session every 5-6 weeks. We find that most clients prefer a maximum of 3 retaping sessions in total, before getting new hair again.

  • Clips in


  • Half of head (50g) 


    Full Head (100g)


  • Half of head (50g) 


    Full Head (100g)


  • Full head 20" (1 meter wide) 


    Full Head 24" (1 meter wide) 


Hair Extension Specialists in Randwick and Newtown

Inch Hair Salon stylists have great experience performing different types of extensions, including tape-in, clip-in, and nano-bead hair extensions. Individuals benefit from hair transformation with Inch Hair Salon's keratin and weft hair extensions services. Hair transformation is a great way to allow individuals to uplift their lifestyle and beauty with hair extensions in Newtown.
Keep yourself trendy with fashion and enjoy hairdressing services at INCH Hairdressing.

Long, glossy, and shiny hair is every woman's dream, but hectic lifestyles create trouble for many people. No worries, hair extensions are trending in the fashion world, rendering a complete or temporary change of hair as per individual preferences. When questing for the best hair extension salon in Sydney, INCH Hairdressing uses advanced technology and techniques to process and source human hair, aiming to maintain the natural shine of the hair.

Inch Hairdressing: World-Class Hair Extension Services

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